All aboard the Love Bus for Auckland local elections

Wednesday, 14 September 2016 by Kiwi International Hotel

The classic Kombi van is as big a part of New Zealand culture as fush 'n chups, and it's joining the politics game!

Unfortunately, it's not actually running for office - as it would definitely be the clear winner!

Instead this classic camper van has had an extreme makeover, and is now helping to spread the word about the up-coming elections. 

Love -bus 1

The Love Bus as it is affectionately being called, is heading out to raise awareness about local elections and engage the people of Auckland in political matters. The idea is to help support awareness and discuss with people on matters such as how, why and where to vote this October.

Glyn Walters is Auckland Council's Elections Planning Manager, and it's his job to try and get people to vote. 

"Voting is an important part of belonging to this city," Glyn says. "It is one of the ways people can be involved in decisions, that make and shape Auckland as a great place to live. We want to ensure eligible voters and future voters, wherever they are, have easy access to the information they need to participate."

Love Bus 2

As a symbol of adventure, discovery and fun, the Kombi embodies this new voting campaign. The van is painted with recognisable images that are unique to the Auckland region - city scenes, our natural heritage, our many cultures and our amazing recreation spots, all with the intention to get the Auckland folk immersed in the elections.

Eye-catching love hearts feature the word 'Vote', reminding people that voting is an important part of being a Kiwi, and living in one of the freest democracies on Earth.

People in Auckland can keep an eye out over coming months for sightings of the van, or even get in touch with the council to arrange for it to visit local events and sports grounds.

Show -your -love -voter -heart



You can follow VoteAKL on Facebook and Instagram, or contact your local council to enquire about the Love Bus coming to your area. If you're not an Auckland native, but are in the city over the next few months, keep an eye out for the cool Kombi.

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