Street art festival brings colour and creativity to K’Road

Thursday, 4 June 2015 by Mark Sandiford

Strong supporters of both the local arts scene and the K' Road business association Kiwi International Hotel are proud to support All Fresco, a community based street art festival designed to inject colour, interest and creativity into the K 'Road streetscape through a diverse range of artists.

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K' Road has a long history of creativity, art and urban culture that is perfectly reflected in this festival.

To find the various pieces of art, view or download the programme and map here

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To get the most out of the amazing art on offer and a little info on each artist, arm your self with this map - step out - explore and engage.

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The 2015 festival builds on previous year's success and showcases some of the country's leading artists.

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To get some insight into the exhibiting artists we have compiled a small intro on each of them here.

Askew One

_askew _one

Considered one of the leading figures of graffiti and urban contemporary art in Oceania, Askew's work utilises his photographic skills, graphic design, graffiti and traditional paint. With a focus on economic and environmental issues, he looks to some of the issues confronting some of the smaller Pacific nations of Oceania. This piece at Mercury Lane carpark wall facing Canada Street and motorway.



His work explores the abstraction of letter shapes through colour and large scale painting but he also creates illustrative works influenced by Maori mythology. This piece at 30 Upper Queen Street, cycleway wall by bridge.

Cinzah 'Seekayem' Merkens


A New Zealand based multidisciplinary artist Cinzah paints with a strong sense of colour, movement and balance, he explores themes such as the interrelationship between man and nature, duality, mythology and story telling. This piece at Ponsonby Road, Watercare wall near Mobil gas station.

Erin Forsyth 

Erin Forsyth

With ten solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions, Erin's candidly dark illustrations have featured in local and international publications such as King Brown, Lurve, Pulp, Yen & Black magazines. This piece at 179 K' Road, St Kevin's Arcade stairwell.



With an initial interest in drawing, Gasp was later drawn to graffiti art culture, finally becoming immersed in it, and through meeting and painting with other artists has gained more knowledge and understanding. This piece at 179 K' Road, St Kevin's Arcade stairwell.

Haunt One

_haunt _one

Having spent the last 10 years honing his graffiti and fine art skills in the streets, studios and flats around the K' Road, Grey Lynn and Ponsonby areas, Haunt One's landscape work has been described as somewhere to lose yourself in, and new elements are often found in his paintings that viewers or collectors did not know existed, even after owning works for several years. This piece at Poynton Terrace, church wall facing Myers Park.

Jeremy Shirley 

_jeremy _shirley

A prevalent and full time working artist, Jeremy has always enjoyed paint particularly when applied by various means, including painting large scale outdoors for the physicality it delivers and the transformational affect. This piece at Poynton Terrace, side rear of La Gonda building on 203 K' Road.

Jon Drypnz

Jon _drypnz

"My surroundings influence my exploration of surface and medium. It is a culmination and acceptance of each aspect of my past and understanding of my present surroundings that help define the current direction of my work". This piece at 373 K' Road, back of Rising Sun facing motorway.

Owen Dippie

_owen _dipple

Owen Dippie is an internationally recognised artist exploring the universal language of art with mural pieces throughout the country, his representation here is only fitting. This piece at 30 Upper Queen Street, cycleway wall by bridge.

Tanja Jade

_tanya _jade

Tania's formative years were spent drawing crocodiles and avoiding giant falling mangoes and committing her daydreams and nightmares to paper. This piece at 234 K' Road, power box by Lim Chhour supermarket.

Ross Liews

Ross Liews

Ross Liew's work covers many mediums, from graphics for NZ streetwear label Moneyshot, to exhibiting in New York City. This piece at 179 K' Road, St Kevin's Arcade stairwell.

Xoë Hall

Rsz _xoe _hall

"Artist of pop-surreal idols, drop outs and dreamers. Muralist of NZ walls and 'Bus Stop Boutiques'. Customizer of second skins. Glitterist of everything." This piece at 10 East Street, ADIO wall.

You can either pick just a few to explore in greater depth or go the whole way and do the full trail taking in all the pieces and more than that, experience the culture that is  K' Road.

All Fresco _women Sitting

With cafes, bars, shops and more it is a strip of urban living that is rich in culture, so why not enjoy as much of it as you can.

If visiting K' Road from out of town and in need of excellent accommodation that is central to K' Road, the festivals sponsor Kiwi International Hotel is the perfect option.

For a range of options and prices to suit, there is a price conscious option to fit all visitors.  Read through our many testimonials for unbiased and honest feedback and you see how popular this central city hotel is.

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