How does Auckland city really rank in liveability terms?

Wednesday, 16 September 2015 by Mark Sandiford

Conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the World's Most Liveable Cities Report 2014 included 140 cities from across the world, and for the fifth year in a row Auckland found itself within the top 10.


1. Melbourne, Australia
2. Vienna, Austria
3. Vancouver, Canada
4. Toronto, Canada
5. Adelaide, Australia
6. Calgary, Canada
7. Sydney, Australia
8. Helsinki, Finland
9. Perth, Australia
10. Auckland, New Zealand

What constitutes a liveable city?

The report compared stability, healthcare, culture/environment, education and infrastructure to reach an overall score. On an overall ranking Melbourne was found to be the planet's most liveable city with Vienna and Vancouver coming in second and third. Taking 10th spot, Auckland scored an overall 95.7, which was fewer than two points behind first place holder Melbourne on 97.5.

In other areas of analysis, Auckland scored a perfect 100 for education, scored second highest for culture and environment with 97 points, but scored only 92.9 for infrastructure - a strong indication of those issues that need attention should Auckland want to reach a higher placing in the line-up.

_auckland _in _watercolour _paint _effect

From 10th place, the only way forward is up

In its pursuit to be the number one most livable city, Auckland has been working to bridge the gap between the idea of people-first design and the actual delivery of people-first design to create the World's Most Liveable City.

With a recognition that liveability starts with an understanding of people's behaviour and needs, the liveable city approach is given momentum via strategic policies like The Auckland Plan, The City Centre Master plan and The Waterfront Plan.

At 10th place Auckland is already a powerhouse on the world liveability rankings and the report notes that the cities which scored best tended to be mid-sized, in wealthier countries and with a relatively low population density. Auckland definitely fits that mould and ranking 10th in the report shows that there are still challenges to overcome for Auckland to become the MOST liveable city.

_view _of _sky _tower _and _queen _st

How does the city become more liveable?

The Auckland Plan is a guiding light in the movement towards gaining the liveability top spot and was developed in partnership with government, business, Māori and non-government organisations. It is a full-service spatial and infrastructure plan for the next 30 years and in-line with the EIU report, combines economic, social, cultural and environmental goals.

The Auckland Plan guides the city's investment, planning rules and psyche, all in line with the concept of a design-led city which intergrates plans for an expanded pedestrian network, many more invitations to stay in the city, and an aim to double pedestrian activity at selected locations in just five years.

Movements like this are designed to leave behind Auckland's reputation as a city of cars and become a solid movement towards a design-led and smart living city that better serves its citizens - aka, a liveable city.  Taking active steps towards becoming the most liveable city in the world, Auckland is not only a great place to live, or aspire to live in but also to visit.

Kiwi International Hotel has always known how great Auckland is and the inner city's reputation as an innovative, creative and increasingly well designed place to be has helped solidify the hotel's location as being the ideal base for those new to the city.

Taking inspiration and lessons from other high ranking liveable cities like Melbourne and Vancouver; Auckland has a plan to incorporate design consciousness and innovation into the very DNA of the city itself.

_albert _park _tree

The intention is that the process of design will unlock the creative minds of business, government and Aucklanders so the city's design and culture will be seen as having and leading with a competitive edge. With a direct and focused approach, it is only time that stands in the way of Auckland reaching the first place ranking - it's not a matter of when.

Why not experience "liveability" for yourself

To experience a city that has "people focused" design at its core why not visit Auckland city and better yet, stay within the heart of the city.

There is no other budget concious, quality and centrally located hotel more fitting than Kiwi International HotelSituated in Queen St, it is at the epicentre of change.

From here you can stroll to, and take in the sights of the Wynyard Quarter or perhaps K'Road for coffee and an alternative vibe.

Whether travelling with family, friends, as a couple or alone, the Kiwi International Hotel has an accomodation option to suit you - check out the options, book and enjoy some time in one of the worlds top 10 (and climbing) most liveable cities.




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