Colourful Karangahape Road offers everything for visitors

Thursday, 12 February 2015 by Mark Sandiford

From a European colonial perspective the establishment of K' Road on the Karangahape ridge dates back to the 1840's. To Maori, who used it as part of their access to Manukau Harbour, it was known as Te Ara o Karangahape or the Path of Karangahape.  For decades it was the only street in Auckland with a Maori name.

Many aspects of colonial Auckland remain, among the highlights are:

Symonds Street Cemetery - Auckland's oldest

Grafton Bridge - then the world's largest concrete arch bridge

Baptist Tabernacle

Pitt Street Church

Hopetoun Alpha

Mercury Theatre building is down Mercury Lane and there are the buildings of department stores George Courts and Rendells.

Mercury theatre

(photo courtesy of Mercury Theatre Auckland)

To really gain an historic appreciation take one of historian Edward Bennett's tours. For more detailed heritage information and booking details for any of the five (free) guided heritage walks visit this site.

K' ROAD By day

K' Road offers a diverse shopping and retail experience. As one progresses from the Queen Street end, restaurants, banks and convenience shops give way to a fascinating variety of retro and vintage stores where you can find that one-of-a-kind piece, galleries, second hand shops, more restaurants - and ultimately to evening style outlets. Walk through St Kevin's Arcade with its interesting array of shops and down the steps into the Myer's Park.

Myers _park

K' ROAD By night

Restaurants of course are plentiful - a wide variety of Asian, Japanese and European through to Iranian and Turkish. One of our favourites is the busy Coco's Cantina with a limited but excellent menu and plenty of "unplanned street theatre" out front to keep you entertained.

New to K' Road is the wine bar and restaurant Apero.  The friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere belie an impressive culinary standard, although this shouldn't come as a surprise given the owners are ex Baduzzi and Meridiths.


K' Road is also known for its colourful nightlife - cabaret style restaurants, karaoke bands, gay bars and clubs.

Stepping off K' Rd into the legendary Caluzzi Bar & Cabaret one can enjoy NZ's most awarded drag artistes in an interactive cabaret show, dazzling costumes and disco dance music (not to mention those impressive stilettos) - it's an unforgettable experience.

caluzzi bar and cabaret

And on it goes to the wee hours - wine bars, late night bars, nightclubs, music venues, adult clubs & stores - there's something for everyone.

And then the sun comes up…

For events, comprehensive information and everything that is K Road visit the K' Road dedicated site here.




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