A night to remember with a visit to the Civic Theatre

Tuesday, 19 May 2015 by Mark Sandiford

The best things in life aren't things at all - so often the best things we can give or do with others are experiences that build long, loving memories.

Think of the memories you have with your significant other.  They are not based around 'things' are they?

And as loving partners we want only the best event this city has to offer for our significant other... and the best experience and event should be one that is filled with fun, charm, a tinge of nostalgia and possibly, tinsel town glamour.



Fortunately for those of us seeking entertainment and culture we have The Civic TheatreThis beacon of class and glamour gives Aucklanders access to some of the world's greatest musicals.

Next on their line-up and in perfect time for our rainy season, coming to us directly from the UK, is the 1927 set - Singin' in the Rain.

Most will know of the title, made famous by Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds in the iconic 1952 MGM movie. It's a dose of nostalgia and Hollwood glamour that many of us will and do love. Memories of Hollywood in its hay days with glamorous starlets makes for a perfect segue into the live show.

Singing _in _the _rain _dancers

Singin' in the Rain became the first Hollywood musical and marked a shift away from silent movies - a dramatic shift from no sound to full out singing. Coming to us with an aura of history, this spectacular production is packed full of the charm, romance, comedy and glamour.

Also packaged for the viewing public many of the songs from the original MGM score, including Good Morning, Make 'em Laugh, Moses Supposes and of course, the classic Singin' in the Rain.

Singing _in _the _rain

The movie's iconic choreography is perfectly recreated and bound to bring joy to lovers of the film. With the help of 12,000 liters of water the audience can enjoy one of the most famous dance routines live on stage - with some perhaps leaving the theatre a little wetter than when they arrived.


Theatre has a wonderful way of engaging us and splashed out water flicked up during a famous live, on stage dance routine is one of the best ways I can think of to be engaged. And audiences must agree! The season has been extended from the 1st May to the 24th May.

Bookings can be made via ticketmaster and with a starting price of only $69 seats are bound to sell out quickly. To secure a spot and ensure you are not left out in the rain,  book online at Ticketmaster.


Fear not - the Kiwi International Hotel has a range of accommodation options to suit you.

Whether you are looking for a secret, romantic getaway or you go the full "kit and caboodle" and bring the whole family, we have the perfect range and location for you. We have a quality selection of affordable rooms from single rooms to family apartments for up to five.

Entrance kiwi hotel

We're in Queen Street - right in the heart of  Auckland City and set back from the road overlooking Myers Park in a quiet yet central location. 

From the Kiwi International Hotel you can easily walk the few meters to The Civic, soaking up some pre-show atmosphere as you go. Pop into one of Queen Street's many restaurants for a pre-show dinner or quite simply take a super quick taxi ride. You can't beat that for convenience.

Because of our central location we are often the place of choice for out-of-town theater goers - check out our  website - it's littered with feedback from happy guests.


Spoil your husband or wife this weekend with a theatre visit you'll both love that is matched only by a hotel stay, loved in equal measure.  Treasure a new experience together and the great memories and joy you will get spending quality time spent together.

For entertainment that's in the heart of the city - say and stay...   Kiwi International Hotel.




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