A laugh a minute 2015 NZ International Comedy Festival

Wednesday, 29 April 2015 by Mark Sandiford

From the 24th April to the 17th May Auckland will be awash with laughter as it hosts the 2015 International Comedy Festival. Past years have seen a range of both top international and local comedians work their unique sense of comedic genius on Kiwi audiences.

And this year is proving to be as equally impressive as past years with what can best be described as an exciting, diverse and inspiring line-up of shows for 2015.

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Held simultaneously each year and over  three weeks in Auckland and Wellington during April and May, the Comedy Festival will then take to the road with the Comedy Convoy, touring to regional cities across New Zealand.

With a range of performers, this year sees a mix of comedians who are either making their festival debut in New Zealand, through to world-class internationals, breakthrough locals and of course a few returning friends and local favourites.

The comedy performances that they bring range from sketch, improv and theatre through to musical comedy... let's just say there's a bit of everything with a certainty to make people laugh.

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Hosted in Auckland, the festival looks to include a whopping 250 performers over three weeks with 200 shows at 44 venues across the country. With a range like that it is little wonder that the festival has stood the test of time, keeping people laughing for more than 10 years since its humble beginnings in 1993. And Auckland gets to enjoy it all - first up.

Diversity is probably the word of the day with a range of comedy styles across the festival fit for all ages - Stand Up For Kids perfect for the younger family members; the Class Comedians Showcase & The 5pm Project for teenagers; through to a wide selection of comedy genres across each evenings' performances.

Nothing beats a live comedy performance - that up close personal experience, further heightened by the connection that only comedy can bring because live comedy is all about connection. Connecting people with ideas, inspiring new perspectives, getting together and basically having a damn good time laughing your ass off.

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So why not surround yourself with people you enjoy hanging out with. Find a show or shows that appeal to you and have a great night out. If you live in Auckland you are spoilt for choice, if you don't then Kiwi International Hotel can help you out with accommodation that is close to the main venue areas and major transport options in Auckland.

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With an average ticket price of just over $26 the festival is not only a hugely popular event but also an extremely accessible one. All I can say is get in early, be the first on the uptake and take advantage of the fact that Auckland gets to see and host the first raft of shows.

Take a look at their site and the set programme, find one you love, book it then head to the Kiwi International Hotel site find a room option you love and that fits your needs - book and you're away.

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The trip to see the first of the live shows in Auckland will be worth the effort. You get to experience the brilliance that only great comedians can bring - their talent, passion and creativity is often all inspiring - all for the simple sum of a ticket.

Experiences that bring joy should be celebrated and that's exactly what the festival is all about so why wait - get amongst it now. 



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