Kiwi Hotel Auckland offers discount taxis for their guests

Monday, 22 September 2014 by Mark Sandiford


Getting from Auckland International Airport to Auckland city centre in a taxi can be a real shock to the system. It's only approximately a 20km journey but when you factor in traffic delays, it can feel more like a 40km trip. 


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Stay central for the best deal

One of the main advantages of visiting New Zealand's largest and most vibrant city is being able to stay right in the city centre, it's where everything happens - food, culture, arts and transport options.

If you are looking for location, value and real comfort, you'll want to choose the Kiwi International Hotel simply because it's right on Auckland's main city centre street, Queen Street. It's just the getting into Auckland city that can be a bit of a headache for the uninitiated.

This is where we can help with not only advice about this great city but with the best Auckand taxi service prices.

The New Zealand Herald is this country's largest and most well respected daily publication. The following is an excerpt from an article they published around the costs associated with taxi fares in and around Auckland city.

"Concerned passengers contacted the Herald after we published on Saturday a price comparison by global travel company Cheap Flights that showed Auckland as the third most expensive of 24 cities around the world for catching a cab from its airport to city centre.

In April an Australian couple, who did not wish to be named, contacted the Taxi Federation after being charged $94 for a 21.1km journey from the airport to the Rydges Auckland Hotel in the city centre. The taxi driver, Ray Chandra, told the Herald: "That's the normal price of a taxi ... it can be up to $130. It depends on traffic and all that."

While our Australian visitors were not aware of this normal level of charges, their shock and disappointment could have been avoided had they been guests at the Kiwi International Hotel.


This so called "normal price" does not apply here for our guests.

Kiwi Hotel develops and nurtures relationships with providers across the city and they have a secured a supplier arrangement with  Discount Taxis that gives our guests a guaranteed price like this:

  • $40 from Airport to Kiwi Hotel
  • $35 from Kiwi Hotel to Airport

Compare that to the normal fare of up to $130 and you can see that Kiwi Hotel guests receive about 70% discount of the 'normal' taxi price!

To find out how go to our Location page.

So who said you have to pay the normal price...

While it's not accepted practice to haggle on taxi fares, there are other ways of getting a great deal. You just have to know what's on offer and at Kiwi Hotel we are able to offer you these affordable taxi fares.

And transport is not even what we do!

However, we do an amazing job at getting the best price for taxi fares for our guests to enjoy the comfort of stepping out of the airport and taking an Auckand taxi at a very reasonable discount price.

So just imagine, if we do this well at something we don't specialise in, just imagine how good the results are from the things we are good at, like cost effective accommodation that doesn't scrimp on the added extras like 24 hour reception, free Wi-Fi and both  bar and restaurant facilities.

Take the nightmare out of travelling and staying centrally by taking advantage of the relationship Kiwi Hotel has with Discount Taxis.

Think of the easy option of taxi travel, but more importantly think of the savings. Sit back relax and enjoy the ride to the hotel in the knowledge that your taxi fare is set at $40, regardless of traffic.

As a guest of Kiwi Hotel a stress free taxi journey will simply set the tone and be the beginning of a very enjoyable stay in the heart of Auckland city.






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