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Friday, 24 October 2014 by Mark Sandiford

The UK's online version of the Daily Mail published this post on booking a hotel direct to get the best deal and what the article presented, may surprise. The following quote is from this article...

"Powerful operators such as and are hard to ignore - they flag up best-price guarantees, and if you search for a hotel on Google, agencies often come up at the top of the results. 

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But the editors of the well-respected Good Hotel Guide argue that people should book direct, thus cutting out the middleman.


There are two main reasons. First of all, commission fees hotels pay to agents (typically about 18 per cent) inflate costs, which guests end up paying.

Secondly, with small, independent UK hotels, you may be able to get a better deal if you deal directly with the staff."

While this article focuses on UK accommodation properties, we believe the points they make are equally valid in NZ. Online agencies charge hotels anything from 12% - 25% commission and sometimes more. That money has to come from somewhere.

Another advantage that accrues to a directly booked guest is when it comes to changing a reservation - it's easy for front desk staff to make those alterations. However, if the booking has been made via a 3rd party then any refunds or waiving (if any) of cancellation fees must be made via the original booking site.

Even more so for small independent hotels like the Kiwi International where front desk staff have the flexibility to waive cancellation or amendment fees without reference to higher authority. We're far more compassionate when events conspire against you than a giant computer in some far off country.

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Another advantage of booking direct with the hotel, by phone or email, is that you can request a specific room or a particular part of the hotel e.g. for the view or a quiet spot. That can't normally be done with an online agent.

At times of high demand hotels may block off rooms so there will be no availability on booking websites - including their own - but when phoning to book, space miraculously becomes available.

And best price guarantees?

Have you ever heard of anyone actually getting a refund?

It would be a fair bet that most often your best price will be achieved booking directly especially with a smaller independent hotel.

At Kiwi Hotel we care about how and why our guests book with us and it is important for us to know and directly connect with them. That is why we value the direct approach. The interaction gives us valuable insights on the service we deliver and in return we reward the one-on-one approach by being a flexible and compassionate provider.

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For service, price and value that's the best of an already best deal, Kiwi Hotel is hard to beat.

Book direct, stay central and be the master of your own accommodation and booking destiny.  With a smaller independent hotel your word and your business is just as important to us as a larger, agency booking.

To experience first hand hassle free booking why not give our team a call and find out for yourself the Kiwi Hotel way of getting things done.

We empower our staff to make decisions that enhance customer experience so our staff are experienced in dealing with one-on-one situations and do not need to seek manager approval. This gives you a quicker result and more personalised attention.

It's simply our Kiwi Hotel way of doing things.



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